05 July 2013

Chocolate Rice Krispies Bars

Inspired by Mari Hernandez I made these chocolate rice krispie bars for my son. Just exactly like what my sons eat where I usually bought at supermarket coco pop snack bar.

Here are the recipe ...

Chocolate Rice Krispie Bars :
Modified By : Diana Pratiwi

Serving : 15 pieces

Ingredient :
4 cup rice krispie cereal
150 gr white marshmallows
2 table spoon of butter
250 gr White cooking chocolate

How To :
1. Put marshmallow & butter in a large bowl. Place in a microwave for about 1 minute. Just be careful when marshmallow gets bigger open the microwave, stir it then start again in the microwave until it melted and puffy.

2. Next step add in 4 cup chocolate rise krispie mix.

3. Mean while melted the white cooking chocolate, place it rectangle pan covered with baking paper.

4. Place it the mix marshmallow, butter and chocolate rice krispie. 

5. Let it cool for about 30 menit.

6. Remove from the pan and then cut it into small pieces.

7. Snack bar is ready to eat. ^_^

Almost the same with coco pop snack bar right? Yeaaay.... finally I can make these snack bar.

1 comment:

Mareesa said...

Hi. Looks good. Will try this soon!



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